Meet The Company

Atlantic Visas offers services in immigration and emigration consultants in Brazil to foreign and national`s companies, as well as for individuals. We provide all the necessary information`s and support, from the identifications of the required documentation to the request`s approval, always seeking the best solutions for our clients.


Above all, Atlantic Visa's specialization lies in the obtaining of work and residence authorizations in Brazil, temporary or permanent, besides all the legal's and administrative procedures involved (ID`s, taxpayer number, drive license). We also offers a complete immigration consulting, providing all the necessary support for those who send their professionals to others countries for business, work projects, or tourist.

Ready To Serve

The Atlantic Visas' Team is composed by professionals with years of experience in the total support to immigrations and emigration affairs. The level of ours technical's allows the Company to offer highly competitive prices in the market, making it unbeatable in cost and benefits relation.


And yet, Atlantic Visas has a highly specialized lawyer team, ready to offer you solutions and/or solve every problem that your company may face.

Temporary and Permanent Visas

Emigration Advisory





Full support at all stages of the request`s procedure for temporaries and permanent visas, since the identification of the necessary’s documents, until the arrival of the foreign in Brazil.




Preparations of applications, consulting and complete support to emigration. Advice directed to professionals, tourists, students or on a permanent basis, extended to both businesses and individuals.